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Casey | 21 | Gluten free
Professional Breakfast Decorator
Healing by body the natural way by living a wholesome, balanced lifestyle
Fully aware that I’m a repeat breakfast offender, but why mess with the best?! 😍

Pumpkin Pie tofu mousse with banana, blueberries, pecans and peanut butter ✨ #meals  (at www.caseys-wholesome-kitchen.com)
Anonymous asked:

Hey dear, i was wondering whether you ever got tested for fructose malabsorption. Maybe that rather than grains are your problem :) just trying to help, not to interfere with your lifestyle xx

not that i know of!! I will have to mention that at my next doctor’s appt. Thanks :)

Homemade grain-and-gluten free tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, cherry toms, cumin roasted sweet potato cubes and spinach 😍 #meals  (at www.caseys-wholesome-kitchen.com)
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Frozen Blueberry and @organicburst Acai Tofu Pudding with strawbs + walnuts + coconut butter + cacao nibs 👌💜 #meals  (at www.caseys-wholesome-kitchen.com)
Anonymous asked:

Maybe i am wrong but.. i thought tofu wasnt Paleo :)

you’re right tofu isn’t paleo because it is made from soybeans! but i do not eat paleo and never have, I simply try to eat a low(ish) carb, high healthy fat diet! i eat what i like and what makes me feel good, I try not to label the way i eat :)

Sweet Maca Cinnamon Breakfast Pizza topped with peanut butter-pumpkin spread, blueberries and pecans 🍂💙 (at www.caseys-wholesome-kitchen.com)